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In-person-workshops 2024 at international textile studios

October 24-27, 2024   at Atelier Fiberfusing, Nes aan de Amstel/NL

HOLLOW FELT OBJECTS – from simple to complex architecture

In this workshop we want to explore hollow felted forms and the wonderful variety of shapes you can achieve by paying attention to details in fiber combination, layout and composition of resists.
During 4 days we will make a series of experiments from simple to more complex constructions. You will discover how you can change the character of each object, often by slight modifications of the initial setting. We’ll take a look at how you can prepare specific forms or deformations, using different amounts of wool, how to combine several components and connect them securely. For a more complex 3d structure we will have to plan shape and arrangement of several resists and finally, we’d also have a look at so-called book resists.

You should bring at least basic felting knowlegde, but don’t need to be a very experienced felter. We will proceed from easy to more complicated versions and you can improve your skills step by step. Working on small objects requires precision but not too much physical strength. You can look forward to a playful and experimental workshop that will draw your attention to many fine technical details which can be useful for all kind of felt projects, vessels, hats, sculptures as well as decorative details for wearables.

FOR ENROLMENT, PLEASE CONTACT Rianne Vermeulen at Atelier Fiberfusing

November 01-06, 2024   at La Couech, Montbrun-Bocage/FR, feutreformationfrance.com

SCULPTURAL WALL HANGINGS – compositions of several parts

In this workshop we want to explore various felting techniques for 3-dimensional felt art. Felt is a wonderful material for decorative interior design, brings warmth into the room and has a sound-absorbing effect.

This time we’d like to focus on a composition of more than one pieces that go together in one installation.
Several parts will always communicate in a way, they can complement or contrast each other and the space between them becomes part of the installation. Positioning can be flexible and adjusted to the surrounding room.
Not having to full one large and heavy piece of wet material will make the felting process a bit easier, but for hard work, there is also a rolling machine available in the co-working space of La Couech!

The first 2 days will be dedicated to making samples and looking at technical details of spatial wet felted structures.
The following free day you can spend relaxing, reading, looking for inspiration and developing an idea for your wallhanging.
Day 4-6 we’d have for the realization of your projects. Following the progress of all your individual designs we can discuss many aspects, technical details and find solutions for tricky situations. This way, students will have the chance to learn a lot from each other.

Based on many years of experience in sculptural felting I will give advice and support and guide you through the making of your individual wallhanging.

FOR ENROLMENT, PLEASE CONTACT Krystel & Jean Francois Chavigny at Atelier La Couech